New Voter

How to navigate your new newsletter


Welcome to your new League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area monthly newsletter, The Voter!

It’s not entirely new – the content hasn’t changed – but the presentation is dramatically different. Rather than continue to provide what looks like an attractive printed newsletter but takes several days to design and publish, we have moved into the 21st Century and to a product that allows us to give you what we hope is also an attractive newsletter that can accommodate changes and fresh news up until the last minute.

For the past several years, league member Steve Ingram, a professional designer, has been designing the Voter. We are grateful for his talent and time. He will continue to work with us on other design projects.

With the new format, a single page is a guide to the stories, with a headline, a brief idea of what the story is about, possibly a photo, and a link to each story. Clicking on the link takes you to the story, which resides within the

League’s website, The stories will remain there,so everything that has appeared in The Voter becomes available as a reference source.

To find the stories once you have thrown out or lost the Voter, go to the website and look on the far right of the blue bar near the top of the page. You might see a category called Newsletters. If not, click on More, and Newsletters will be on the dropdown menu. Clicking on Newsletters will take you to a page that has links to previous Voters, which look just like what you are used to getting in your emails up through September. Just click on the date and it will come up. Starting with this edition, there will be links to each story under each month’s date.

One more thing: The newsletter is being emailed through Constant Contact, which goes to some people’s spam, trash or junk folder. Please expect it between the 29th and 1st of each month and keep an eye out. Also, if you don’t know how to make sure Constant Contact mail goes to your inbox, try to find out how to do it. We’ll be using the service for other email you’ll want to get too.