Program planning

SA League to propose study of eminent domain


After the lively discussion of program planning at the League’s Christmas party, the proposal below was approved and sent on to the state board.  

That board will consider our proposal, along with others from local Leagues, and will make its recommendation to the state convention in Kerrville, April 27-29.  Delegates at the convention will then decide on adoption of a study.

The state and national boards have recommended that local Leagues, rather than take on new studies and reviews, continue to focus on the campaign for “Making Democracy Work.” 

The San Antonio Area league members felt it was important to study this issue more broadly to allow the League to take appropriate action.

It was felt that the League needs to position itself to be able to act to curb the abuse of eminent domain in the San Antonio area and beyond as the population continues to grow. (Explanation below)

Thanks to all of you who participated in the debate.

A Proposed Study of Eminent Domain Laws in Texas

Focus: A study of the issue of eminent domain in Texas to understand its history, current application and policies


Investigate what the eminent domain law is in Texas

Consider how it is currently being implemented

Explore the enforcement of the law

Assess benefits and shortcomings of the law and if or should changes be recommended

Explanation: The issue of eminent domain has become an active area in the last few years in the state, with stories appearing frequently in the news.  The San Antonio Area League understands that LWV Texas has been able to take action on proposals during the last legislative session based on our Land Use positions, but those positions date from the 1970s and didn’t really address eminent domain at all.  We believe that a study of the practice, active as it is currently in the state, would create better member understanding and provide the public with useful, well-researched information.