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'Vote' brochure is persuasive in two languages

There’s a new brochure in town, and it’s making a splash everywhere it goes.

VOTE! It’s in Your Best Interest, prepared by the San Antonio League for the primary election, has been given to other organizations to hand out and is available to anyone who wants it through download below.

It is now also available in Spanish as part of our outreach to the Hispanic community.

It outlines reasons why one vote matters and why your vote matters. It offers links to other resources. And it explains everything you need to know about primary elections.

“This brochure essentially responds to arguments frequently put forward by registered non-voters:   It is politics, it is not about me; one vote does not make a difference; not equipped with the needed information, I don’t know my voting rights, and the list goes on,” said San Antonio  League President Madhu Sridhar.

"Hopefully, this brochure will inspire non-voters and they will realize the importance of their vote and will not sit out


for this primary elections and future elections.”

It has proven to be so popular that it is going to be updated after the primary with more current information.

The brochures can be downloaded here.

In Spanish: 

In English: