Voters guide questions

Please help make Voters Guide indispensable

How many nonpartisan, non-biased sources are available for people looking for information on judges, school board candidates and other people running in down-ballot races in the March 6 primary?

For that matter, how many such sources were available for people who wanted to understand what all those Constitutional amendments meant on the November ballot? Barely 3.6 percent of voters even turned out for that one, and most people you ask say it was because they didn’t know what they were voting for.

The answer? Very few, and in many cases, only one: the League of Women Voters’ Voters Guide.

That’s why it is such a valuable product. Voters rely on its unfiltered answers, in the candidates’ own words, to questions posed to all candidates.

You probably know, but it bears repeating, that all candidates in each race are given the same

Children's book "Let's Go to Vote"
An educated voter needs more than a simple textbook.

question to answer and the same space in which to answer it. The answers are printed exactly as submitted. If they are too long, they are trimmed at the limit. If a candidate does not submit an answer, that is noted. No candidate is left out.

Producing the Voters Guide is a big job. That’s where League members are needed. The San Antonio Area League is seeking members to contribute suggested questions to ask candidates for each office on

the accompanying chart, as well as candidates for U.S.Congress from districts 20 and 23, and State Senate District 25.

Questions must be submitted to Chris Forbrich at by Dec. 8.

Also, members are needed to serve on the committee to go through the suggestions and decide which ones will be sent to the candidates. Contact Chris at the same email if you want to be on the committee or want any information about it or submitting questions.

Coming up with a question or two or serving on the committee takes such a small amount of time, and so many voters are appreciative of the service the Voters Guide provides.

Doing one of these is a wonderful opportunity to help fulfill the League’s mission of encouraging informed and active participation of citizens in government.

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