Where do you go for news?

Elsa Pendleton is a retired librarian who has made San Antonio home base but who, with husband Bob, spends much of the time on the road traveling, writing and learning about the world from the ground up.

By Elsa Pendleton

I admit I am a news groupie. I faithfully read newspapers and journals and, well, everything I can get my hands on.  But because we are full-time travelers, we can’t rely on having the morning newspaper at our door each day; for one thing, our door tends to be in a different city or state every few days.

Therefore, we rely on our trusty WiFi in each hotel where we stop. When we began our travels, in 2000, we often could not find Internet signals strong enough for browsing, but now it is common just about everywhere and in just about every motel or hotel.

I think it might be useful for me to list some of my favorite sites, because they may not all be familiar to you.  Will you tell me what I have missed, and what works for you?


I have digital-only subscriptions to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. I enjoy watching them scramble when some event lights up the newswires, and I find their columnists and their approaches give me a reasonably balanced view of the big stories.

An added bonus with my digital subscriptions is the variety of newsletters I can follow, like book reviews and regional stories (e.g., California Today).

And, of course, in Texas there is so much to find and read! Of course, San Antonio’s Express-News is a must-read, and the Texas Tribune always has interesting stories.


The Atlantic and The New Yorker offer digital subscriptions as add-ons to their print subscriptions (many or most magazines do this, I know). So we are sending the print copies to our sons and reading the digital copies on our laptops.

I’m eager to know what others read more or less regularly. Sometimes it seems at though I spend my days at the keyboard, and rise feeling exhausted, but there are the moments when I see something new and strange and wonderful.

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  1. I enjoy checking in with the BBC – I appreciate the international news, and the chance to read their coverage of U.S. news. I also enjoy a cell phone app called Flipboard, that lets me customize digital magazines for me based on my personal interests. The app asks for your passions and then pulls news, popular stories and conversations about those passions. Examples: U.S. Politics, U.S. News, Environment, Business, Technology, Travel, Science, Recipes, Skateboarding, Photography, Street Art, Classical Music, Fortune 500, Books, Yoga….. you get the idea. Finally, Twitter is a powerful tool for news. I can follow favorite reporters and news feeds from any media source.

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