Propositions 411 Forum

Presented October 5, 2020

Hard Won, Not Done program

Presented August 20, 2020

Community Forum on Redistricting Panel Discussion

Presented September 24, 2019

Speak up: How and Why You Should Testify at Texas Redistricting Hearings

Presented September 24, 2019

Gun Violence: What Can Be Done?

Presented January 30, 2019

Eminent Domain: What's It All About?

Presented June 4, 2018

Rey Saldaña: Some people don’t vote because we don’t ask them

Presented June 5, 2018

Transportation Needs of San Antonio: Preparing for the Future

Presented October 11, 2017

Human Trafficking: Prevention, Prosecution and Protection

Presented November 29, 2013

Health Care Reform After the Supreme Court Decision

Presented September 11, 2012

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