Aug voter - president's message

President's message

Pass torch to next generation with gift of $5


Organizations are formed to serve pressing, vital needs. The League of Women Voters was no exception. The League was founded to empower citizens. Active, involved citizens are the very foundation of democracy. The need to empower citizens was great in 1920, and it is no less great today, almost 100 years later.

The League will be celebrating its 100th year in 2020. In order for the League to last another hundred years, we must proactively recruit leaders for tomorrow who will continue to help shape, build and strengthen our communities. A good organization must have both a retention plan and a succession plan. We should be prepared to pass the torch.

At the Annual Meeting this past May, the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area voted to reduce the student membership to $5. This was done in an attempt to find and recruit young members for the League. The initiative entails reaching out to this untapped reservoir of students on college campuses and engaging them with the League and the community.


Please consider giving a gift of League membership for $5 to students in your family and friends and in your neighborhood. It will be a gift that they will not only thank you for now, but years from now when they realize how it has changed them to be a more engaged citizen, an activist or perhaps an elected official.

Civics, once a staple in the educational curriculum in high schools, has been minimized to part of one semester in order to focus on so called hard-core subjects. We need to make young people become politically active.  We need to engage them with the political process, socialize them to politics on a consistent basis starting at local level. We want students to immerse themselves in the process by registering voters and organizing Getting out the Votes rallies.

Imagine the future if this generation gets involved – a generation that writes, blogs, tweets and shares information on a massive scale, one that has never been experienced in human history.

Let’s tap the power of youth!  Let’s give $5 gift memberships to students in our lives.