Economic Inequity Study

For the past year, volunteers with the LWVSAA have been conducting study of the extent, consequence and causes of economic inequity in the nation, state and in the greater San Antonio area. The following four videos contain progress reports on that study. The videos were recorded as the team presented its findings in virtual forums to members and others.

  • Forum one provided an overview of how wealth has migrated to the richest among us over the past four decades and reviewed the consequences of inequity: 1) Reduced individual opportunity; 2) Greater political influence among the rich; 3) Reduced economic growth; 4) Defiance of our national values; 5) Impaired health; and 6) Shortened lives. The forum also explored the contribution of regressive national, state, and local tax policies to inequity.
  • Forum two reviewed the importance of education and childcare in economic equity. A strong correlation exists between educational attainment and economic success. A correlation also exists between the quality of early childhood experience and success in school.
  • Forum three considered the importance of a range of workforce issues, from minimum wages to union membership and the enforcement of labor laws. It also reviewed the impact of our criminal justice system on the life prospects of so many people.
  • Forum four dealt with the key issues of health and housing. Poverty has a huge negative affect on both issues. 

The study is ongoing. It should be completed in early 2022. Continue following this site to stay informed. Feel free to reach out to the committee members with any questions or suggestions. Contact information is included in the presentations.

Previous Economic Inequity Forums

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