As a grassroots organization, the League has no paid staff, and all voter empowerment and democracy protection efforts are fueled by the dedication and energy of volunteers.  We need you!  You can explore volunteer opportunities by clicking on each of the different League endeavors below.


Additional Volunteer Opportunities

The League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area is a member of the Texas Election Protection Coalition, along with other League chapters and voting rights advocacy organizations all across Texas who are similarly dedicated to ensuring that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to cast a ballot and have it count.

Election Protection Nonpartisan Volunteer Poll Monitors

Volunteer poll monitors are trained to be knowledgeable about Texas Election Code and station themselves outside the polls to

  • answer basic questions from voters,
  • monitor timeliness of opening and closing of polls, confirm proper signage, watch for electioneering violations,
  • refer voters with complex questions to Election Protection Hotlines, AND
  • report any voter suppression, intimidation, misinformation, or irregularities, 

Sign up to volunteer as a poll monitor and protect the rights of voters.  Every vote counts.

Election Protection Hotline Call Center Volunteers

If you are an attorney and want to help people navigate the voting process and respond to reports of problems during Early Voting or on Election Day, sign up to volunteer with Election Protection|866-OUR-VOTE .

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