Human Resource Position: Library

We support the San Antonio Public Library System, henceforth referred to as the Library, which provides the informational needs of all citizens, thus contributing significantly to the economic, technical, educational, cultural and recreational growth of the community. For many years the Library has been seriously underfunded.

We support the following: (Rev. 2017)

  1. The library’s long-range plan to be updated on a regular basis, taking into account the demographic and economic growth of the San Antonio area and the needs of the citizens as expressed in neighborhood meetings. The Library must continue to deliver electronic services, providing both in-library and remote access to an extensive group of electronic resources and offering computer and internet training and information literacy programs for the public. The Library should exceed minimum standard of three items per capita with timely acquisition of materials essential. (Rev. 2017)
  2. Existing services should be strengthened and innovative services introduced to meet the needs of the San Antonio area. Staffing should be increased since trained and motivated staff is the key to improvement of services. Branches should be conveniently located and their resources should meet the needs of the community, including the scheduling of hours. An efficient delivery service, adequate for a growing number of branches should be available to bring needed resources to convenient points. (Rev. 2017)
  3. Increased funding per capita for the Library. The Library is a service shared by all citizens, therefore the Library should be supported by all citizens through taxation. Additional funding, whether through a city-county tax, a dedicated tax, or some other tax, must be considered. Fees for use of the Library are not a solution as they discriminate against persons with lower incomes, are expensive to monitor, discourage use of the Library, and might cause the loss of some state funds. Although private funding must be encouraged, the bulk of Library funding must come from public taxes. (Updated and amended position passed at Annual Meeting, 2005) (Rev. 2017)
  4. We support cooperation and collaboration between the Bexar County Bibliotech library system and the San Antonio library system for funding. (Rev. 2008) (Rev. 2017)
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