Human Resources Position: Health

  1. The LWVSAA feels that the present health delivery system in San Antonio is not adequate due to inaccessibility. The LWVSAA supports the concept that the availability of adequate health care is the right of every person. Adequate health care is defined to include the preventative, diagnostic, and curative phases of medicine as well as a system for dental care and consumer education in health and nutrition.
  2. The LWVSAA supports continued study and support of a comprehensive approach to the delivery of health care in the San Antonio area and other local health issues. Support of increased funding for Bexar County Hospital District.
  3. Health care facilities should be accessible to all persons on a 24-hour basis. They should be accessible to all persons financially and geographically as well.
  4. The LWVSAA supports a comprehensive plan for delivery of health care for present and future needs in the San Antonio area. This plan should include the following:

a.  Input from the consumer as well as the professional in any comprehensive plan for the delivery of health care.

b.  Enactment of state legislation to permit less restrictive models for practicing medicine (such as fee-for-service or fixed salary allowable in other states).

c.  Continued evaluation and use when applicable of new techniques in the delivery of health care.

d.  Use of paramedical personnel where possible.

e.  Concern for transportation to and from the health facilities.

f.  Decentralization of full service health care facilities.

g.  Use of federal funds to implement the comprehensive plan for delivery of health care.

h.  Use of bond issue to finance equipment for Bexar County Hospital District.

(Rev. 2017)

5. The LWVSAA supports the Bexar County Hospital District and its dual responsibility of caring for patients and of training medical personnel in conjunction with the University of Texas Health Science Center.

6. The LWVSAA feels that the hospital district needs adequate funding in order to fulfill its function of providing medical care, of training physicians and other medical personnel, and of pursuing research projects.

7. The LWVSAA would support increased funding for the hospital district by increasing state aid, by increasing federal assistance, by increasing patient charges and by joint fundraising projects. We feel that increasing the ad-valorem tax should be a last-resort measure.

8. We believe that the education of physicians is the function of the state as a whole, as these physicians serve the entire state; and that counties lacking a hospital district should pay their fair share of the costs, especially for patients resident in their counties. We believe the care of indigent and of resident aliens is also a responsibility of the state.

9. The LWVSAA supports the right of all persons who are seriously mentally ill to have access to services designed to help them reach and maintain an optimal level of functioning in the least restrictive environment. (See expanded position in State Program.)

10. The LWVSAA supports a basic level of health care for those of lesser means. (See expanded position in State Program.) 

(Rev. 2011)

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