Human Resources Position: Housing

The LWVSAA believes that there is a significant need for improved housing for low-income people which is not being met in the San Antonio area. The League feels that governments at all levels, as well as the private sector of the American economy, share the responsibility to work toward meeting this housing need through programs and financing to include promotion of energy efficiency, and the use of sustainable materials and practices. The League is willing to support public and private housing programs for low-income people which meet League criteria.

 1. The League favors a central coordinating body with the following functions:

a. Keep up to date on all federal, state, and local legislation pertaining to low-income housing.

b. Evaluate such legislation as to applicability for meeting housing needs of San Antonio.

c. Make information available on federal programs and current local plans and actions on low-income housing.

2. Programs should be part of comprehensive long-range planning for the San Antonio area. Low-income housing should be part of the Master Plan for San Antonio.

3. Programs should provide standard housing for all segments of the population at prices within their ability.

a. The League approves the eligibility requirements of the San Antonio Housing Authority.

b. The League sees a special need to support programs which will meet the housing requirements of the very lowest income group in San Antonio.

4. Housing for low-income people should be an integral part of the community’s efforts to improve living standards for all families. There should be access to community services which serve such social needs as health, transportation, education, citizenship, and creative leisure activities.

(Rev. 2011)

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