Human Resources Position: Juvenile Welfare/Child Care

  1. The LWVSAA supports the expansion of licensed proprietary and subsidized child care in Bexar County to include:

a. Use of locally controlled federal funds for children in Bexar County. We also believe more mechanisms for parental and community involvement in this local control should be encouraged.

b. The development of more community and state and federal resources which could provide comprehensive services such as those for mental health and mental retardation; referral; physical health and growth, including recreation; and nutrition and family (parent education, family planning, crisis centers, and emergency care).

c. Programs to prevent child abuse and programs which suggest positive alternatives.

d. The continuation of licensing by the state to cover proprietary, nonprofit church facilities, religious and private pre-schools, family day homes, mother’s day out and after school programs. (Rev. 2000) (Rev. 2017)

2. Although parents much take an active role in ensuring that the children are adequately cared for outside the home, we believe the availability of quality care affects more than just families with children. We support programs, services, and policies to expand the supply of affordable, quality childcare for all who need it.

a. We therefore encourage the City of San Antonio to continue:

i. Childcare referral services for parents. (Rev. 2000)
ii. Subsidized training opportunities for childcare staff and family day home providers, particularly those willing to care for children with disabilities. (Rev. 2000)

b. Because quality care depends on adequate funding, we favor:

i. City contributions to supplement federal and state funding for childcare at a level that will ensure quality care. (Rev. 2000)
ii. Financial support for programs that promote childcare for special needs children, including financial incentives to encourage centers to care for children with disabilities or to purchase special equipment needed for their care. (Rev. 2000)

c. Encourage businesses and other community groups to also have a role in ensuring adequate quality childcare and employee groups to consider: (Rev. 2015) (Rev. 2017)

i. On-site child care centers.
ii. Child care vouchers or child care reimbursement as an option in a benefits plan.
iii. Comprehensive parental leave plans.

d. Businesses and community groups should also consider:

i. Community scholarships for career development of caregivers and grants to childcare facilities seeking accreditation from recognized organizations. (Rev. 2000)
ii. Adopting a center to aid with such capital improvements as computers, playground equipment, or modifications for handicapped accessibility.

e. We support schools, universities and churches that already have educational spaces for children:

i. Beginning or broadening programming to include childcare that would meet community needs, possibly including care for infant or special needs children.
ii. Considering ways that their facilities could be used for after school care or used in conjunction with other publicly sponsored early childhood education. (Rev. 2017)

f. To ensure that children’s physical and educational needs are considered in city planning services, we favor forming a joint child care coordination committee composed of parents, child care professionals, business and civic leaders and medical and educational representatives who would identify child care concerns, advising private and public sectors in developing parks, libraries, transportation, and other city services. We believe the city and other public agencies, such as schools and universities, should take the lead in efforts to provide adequate child care.

(Adopted August 1990)

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