Human Resources Position: Temporary Assistance

(Rev. 2004)

The LWVSAA supports the following criteria for evaluating antipoverty organizations and programs:

  1. Programs should be of sufficient magnitude and scope to make a substantial impact on the problems they are established to remedy.
  2. Programs should include participation of government at all possible levels and encourage participation of the private sector to the fullest extent.
  3. Programs should be carefully tailored to the needs of the people in the areas for which they are planned.
  4. People for whom the programs are planned should be involved to the fullest possible extend and where possible should be utilized in the establishment and operation of the programs.
  5. Program must be non-discriminatory.
  6. Programs should be correlated, and there should be no unnecessary duplication.
  7. Programs should assist people to become contributing, self-supporting members of the community. (Rev. 2004)
  8. Programs should be long-range in both planning and funding.
  9. Programs should be efficiently and economically administered.
  10. State and local governments should contribute to the extent their resources permit. At the same time, adequate federal funds for the establishment and continuation of programs should be available.
  11. Programs should be structured to stimulate, discover, implement, and coordinate new outreach-citizen-participation policies and projects.
  12. Funding should be adequate to provide for general public information and orientation and to further citizen participation by the resident.
  13. Programs should be consistent with comprehensive planning for the entire Greater San Antonio area.
  14. Programs should be carried out by personnel competent to meet the specific requirements of their jobs.
  15. New job descriptions and new pay scales should be established by the City Council to specifically meet the needs of supplying programs with competent personnel.
  16. Support Haven for Hope and additional community programs to address homelessness. (Rev. 2008)
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