Human Services Position: Education

  1.  Continue support of the League of Women Voters of Texas’ efforts to secure fiscal measures to equalize educational opportunity in Texas.

Continue evaluation of the quality of education in the San Antonio area to determine whether or not the student is being provided with the best      possible education he/she can absorb. 

Continue support of bilingual education. 

Continue support of present position and support measures to eliminate illiteracy in the San Antonio area. 

Support consolidation of Bexar County’s independent school districts into one county-wide district. (Rev. 2011)

  1.  The LWVSAA favors the school districts in the San Antonio area producing a plan to promote positive behaviors in students. The plan should   include the following:

a. Clear policies of acceptable behavior for students.

b. A wide variety of options as consequences for students who do not abide by policies.

c. Mandatory in-service training for all staff in techniques of positive guidance, including respecting students’ self-esteem, effective classroom management, active listening, and other appropriate techniques.

d. Curriculum for students which includes conflict resolution skills.

e. Parental involvement in developing policies, opportunities for parents to learn positive guidance techniques, and alternatives to corporal punishment.

  1.  The LWVSAA believes that school districts in the San Antonio area should eliminate corporal punishment of students as a discipline technique.
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