June Voter notes from national

National League ready for convention, more

As the 53rd biennial national convention of the League of Women Voters draws near – this year in Chicago June 29-July 1 – a lot is going on at LWVUS.

You probably know that national League voted to waive student payments at the national level through January 2021, and the state League followed suit.

At the San Antonio League’s annual meeting, we reduced our student membership dues to $5 during that time period.

As National President Chris Carson said, “We want to continue to grow this organization at every level. To do that, we need to increase our membership with the energy and passion of the next generation.”

Leading up to the convention, the organization-wide transformation, in the works for the past year and a half, has resulted in the Transformation Roadmap, available


for download here. An executive summary covering the highlights is here. Your thoughts are welcomed here  as we work to engage new and future activists throughout the League.

The goals of this process are to strengthen the organization at every level, position our brand as a current and future-looking organization, and to increase the League's


visibility and mission impact.

The National League has also joined the Empower Coalition, a group of more than 100 organizations united with the purpose of supporting and strengthening the youth movement nationwide to register and to vote in the midterm elections. They will also work to advocate for legislation at all levels of government that creates positive change for youth.

Even from San Antonio you can participate in a bit of the convention through the magic of live streaming the June 28 evening program, “A Conversation on Redistricting with Nick Stephanopoulos and Ruth Greenwood,” experts on partisan gerrymandering. It begins at 7 p.m. Central. Fill out this form for more information.

The recommended, proposed program for 2018-19 is a continuation of the campaign for Making Democracy Work.