May elections - Voter

Two elections make May a busy voting month

May is going to be a busy month for elections, so April will be a busy month for voters who want to know what and who to vote for.

First election

The first of May’s two elections, on May 5, is unrelated to but sandwiched between the March 6 party primaries and the May 22 primary runoffs. It will include city, school board and local political subdivision elections as dictated by state law.

At right is a sample ballot that includes most of the races in Bexar County. Depending on your address, you will vote on none, one or just a few of them.

Not on the sample ballot but also being administered by the Bexar County Elections Department are elections in St Hedwig, Medina Valley ISD, Southwest ISD and Bexar Atascosa Medina Water District. Contact those entities or check their websites for information.

To find out which races will be on your specific ballot, go here.  If no sample ballot comes up for you, you live in an area for which there is no election. After early voting is over, it will also tell you where to vote on Election Day.

Early voting is April 23-May 1. Because this is not a countywide election, not as many early-voting sites as usual will be open. Here is the list.

Not all Election Day voting sites will be open either. Here is the list of those that will be open. It will also be printed in the San Antonio Express-News the day before or the day of the election.

Learning about candidates and issues is always difficult in these small elections. Newspapers, public radio and local websites are your best bets for both information and notices of debates and forums. If your school district is having an election, check with the school district office for materials.

If you are not registered to vote, deadline to register to be able to vote in that election is April 5. To request a mail-in ballot, it must be received, by mail, by the Elections Department by April 24. The completed ballot must be returned to the Elections Department by Election Day.


Party primaries

The second election, May 22, is the primary runoff. If you voted in a party primary in March, you can vote only in the runoff of that party. If you did not vote in a primary, you can select whichever primary you want.

Deadline to register and be eligible to vote in this election is April 23.  Early voting is May 14-18.

The good news about the runoff is that Vote411, the League of Women Voters’ website you may have used during the primary that contained information on all the candidates and their answers to questions about the issues,  is being reworked to eliminate the candidates that did not make the runoffs.

Starting May 10, you can go to the website and compare the runoff candidates in all the races. You can print out a list of the candidates you want to vote for and take it into the voting booth. (Remember, you cannot use electronic devices there.)

If you prefer hard copy and you held on to your Voters Guide, you can use that, but you’ll have to mark through or ignore the candidates who didn’t make the runoff.