Natural Resources Position: Local Planning

1. LWVSA supports comprehensive, long-range planning for San Antonio and Bexar County. At every level, there should be opportunity for citizen participation in the process. There should be a continuing program of public education.

a. Ideally, a comprehensive plan should be a single document reflecting policies for development for a 20- to 40-year period with periodic review. A comprehensive plan is part of a continuous process. It should be responsive, realistic, and imaginative. The planning should produce the best possible quality of life within the limits of fiscal responsibility.

b. Thorough background studies and data should be collected on resources, economy, current land use, population and physical characteristics.

c. An important element of such a comprehensive plan is a Land Use Plan showing the general location of land planning for residential, commercial, open space, industrial and public facilities. The best use of the land with the least damage to development, economic health, and natural resources of the area should be encouraged.

d. A comprehensive plan should include policies on the growth of the city and/or county.

e. A comprehensive plan should make provisions for a vital downtown in the metropolitan area. The existing city should not be allowed to deteriorate because of other priorities.

f. A comprehensive plan should include a transportation plan indicating present and future major streets, highways, airports, railroads, and basic requirements for adequate, efficient and flexible transportation. Transportation arteries should be used to unify rather than divide.

g. A comprehensive plan should indicate the extent and general location of public utility sites, sources, locations and supplies.

h. A comprehensive plan should include primary economic growth factors, past and future, with consideration of basic enterprises and suitable future industries.

i. A comprehensive plan should identify fragile ecosystems, historical sites, structures and landmarks.

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