Natural Resources Position: Zoning, Subdivision Control, Building Codes

LWVSA supports adequate tools to implement the comprehensive planning process for the San Antonio Metropolitan Area and Bexar County.

1. Zoning, subdivision control and building codes are essential to good development.

2. Zoning, subdivision and building regulations should be flexible and be reviewed periodically to keep up with the community needs and technological advances.

3. Zoning, subdivision and building regulations need competent enforcement and administration.

4. The League supports zoning control because it is a method of achieving the most appropriate land use for the community.

a. It should be prepared for the individual community and its particular situation. Zoning has to be total, impartial and reasonable.

b. It should be capable of achieving appropriate and harmonious relationship of land and structures. It must balance the common good with the private right to use property as the owner sees fit, so long as the owner does not harm anyone.

c. The Board of Adjustments, which provides the necessary flexibility for the zoning ordinance, must not destroy it by being too generous with exceptions and variances.

d. Subdivision control, because it is a method of insuring sound community growth and safeguarding of the homeowner, the sub-divider, and the local government.

e. The League feels that regulations to preserve natural beauty and open spaces should be included in subdivision regulations.

f. Building codes, because they are a method of providing minimum standards of health, safety and welfare for the homes of the city’s inhabitants and for the structures of its industrial, commercial and other enterprises.

5. Legislation should be sought to enable the county to implement sound planning practices.

6. Intergovernmental cooperation should be encouraged with a view towards future regional emphasis.

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