Media relations, public speaking a workshop hit


The League of Women Voters’ third workshop, Running for Local Office 301, held March 12 at the main San Antonio Public Library, generated real enthusiasm among the participants, including candidates and those just thinking about running for office.

End-of-workshop surveys revealed a need for and wide interest in the content.  As one participant wrote: “Quite frankly, LWV did an amazing job with this workshop.  Thank you!”

Kelly Morris’ presentation on media relations was cited as informative, useful, and insightful.

Gretchen Roufs’ section highlighting public speaking tips was uniformly considered helpful, with several

expressing appreciation for the wonderful examples and encouragement given.  Some asked that we invite Gretchen and Kelly back and allow them each more time.

Information on campaign literature and mailing basics, the real-life examples, and the detailed handout were also valued.

Suggestions for a fourth workshop included:  going into more detail on the pros and cons of hiring a campaign manager; setting up and running campaign events and fundraisers, preparing to participate in a contested election campaign forum, talking 1 on 1 with a voter, and the role of social media in today’s campaigns.  It was also

suggested that we repeat these workshops on an annual basis and/or You Tube them.

While we have not yet determined to hold a fourth workshop, we have already learned a great deal from the three we have held.

Should we hold this series in the future, we will re-organize them to ensure that each provides enough time per subject and that the contents are more carefully sequenced to be immediately helpful to current and prospective candidates.

For those who are interested, the materials from all three workshops are available on our website at https://lwvsa.org/running-for-office-materials/