Volunteer Opportunites

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters is one of the most effective grassroots organizations in the nation. We are nonpartisan. We do not support or oppose any candidate or political party. We want everyone to vote so our elected leaders represent our entire community.

Your local League is an all-volunteer effort and appreciative of your help.


Volunteer Opportunities

Empowering Voters Project

Power Point Presentations to Groups (PPP ready with script)
Scheduling Presentations (we will provide with the list)
Registering Voters
Organizing a Rally
Distributing Brochures, Texas Voters Bill of Rights, Voters Guides, etc.
Graphic Design
You Tube (loading presentations, managing)
Social Media Campaign
Public Service Announcements

Voter Service

Voters Guide: Help develop questions for candidates running for office for use in the Voters Guides. Make follow-up calls, proofread materials and help with the distribution.

Candidate Forums: Be a time keeper, candidate sign-in host, question collector/screener, or moderator at a candidate debate.

GOTV (Get Out the Vote): Get deputized, help register voters, promote “Why Vote?”


Observer Corps: Attend a City Council (Thursdays 9 a.m.) or Commissioners Court meeting (Tuesdays at 10 a.m.) Observe and report back.

Program Issue Committee: Join one of the many committees and learn/follow the issue e.g. water, education, transportation, voter ID law … Help organize educational public forums on the issue.

Advocacy and Lobbying: Use your persuasive skills; learn the legislative rules and processes for effective lobbying and advocacy. Organize and attend Lobby Days.

Issue Study Committee: Study an issue. Gain knowledge and expertise through the study and discussion of timely and important topics.

Action Alerts: Monitor and respond to Action Alerts from the State and national League.



Join the Board: Share your proven leadership skills and expertise and help advance the mission of the League.

Chair a committee: Share your knowledge of pressing issues facing the community that the League is working on.



Annual Fundraising: Help strategize and organize annual event to raise funds to support the important mission of the League.

Grant Proposals: Identify organizations and write grant proposals to support special projects.


Technical Support

Website: Website maintenance. Upload current information, events, newsletters, archive....

Database: Develop a database of partner organizations, media outlets, donors, membership…

Social Media: Manage social media platforms using social media as an effective tool for communication and recruiting new members.



Newsletter/Blog: Submit ideas and articles for the Voter, proofread, and take photographs at the events to be included in the Newsletter.

Collateral: Use your graphic design expertise to create collateral materials for the League.


Projects in the Pipeline

High School Contest for 1 minute video on Making Democracy Work

Organizing and distributing Voting Materials at the new citizens’ Naturalization Ceremonies.

Monthly/ Weekly Quiz for the website

Organizing workshops: running for office, moderator training, etc.