Candidate Forums

The League hosts and moderates or co-sponsors candidate forums to provide opportunities for voters and community members to hear directly from candidates competing for an elected office. 

These events allow all candidates to offer opening statements, answer identical questions in a set amount of time, and end by offering closing statements.  These are not debates, as candidates do not provide rebuttals or direct their comments to one another. A flier for a League candidate forum for city council district 4

Strictly nonpartisan, the League does not support or oppose candidates or political parties, so a neutral stance is maintained at all times.

LWV forum guidelines require the following:

  • that all candidates on the ballot for that office be invited;
  • a League member serves as moderator;
  • audience members write their questions on cards which are collected by League members; 
  • questions must be directed to all candidates;
  • candidates address the audience, not one another;
  • each candidate is given the same amount of time to respond to the questions.
Please contact us if you are interested in having the League host or co-sponsor a candidate forum for your municipality, district, or organization. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers working on candidate forums do the following:
  • check in attendees
  • distribute and collect index cards with voter questions
  • sift and sort questions to give to the moderator 
  • moderate the event (must have training to do this)
  • register voters, answer questions, and distribute voter education materials
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