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Local Leagues all over the country serve the important function of "protecting your right to know," ensuring that government is transparent by monitoring not only the issues being discussed by local governmental bodies, but also the process by which they are being discussed.   

Members who volunteer for the Observer Corps attend meetings of local governing bodies, such as the City Council, the County Commissioners Court, School Boards, and others, to follow the proceedings, take notes, and report back to the League.  Observers are not at the meeting to testify or speak, but rather to monitor.  Their presence lets elected and appointed officials know that ordinary citizens are paying attention to the decisions being made and will hold them accountable.  Brief reports submitted by Observer Corps members keep the League up to date on local policy issues and help determine if action should be taken on any League policy priorities.

Joining the Observer Corps is an excellent way to learn more about your local government and the issues that currently affect our communities.  

For more information about how the Observer Corps functions in Leagues all over the country, you can read the LWV resource guide: Observing Your Government in Action: Protecting Your Right to Know (pdf).

Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until further notice, the League recommends that observers "attend" meetings from the safety of their own homes.

  • attend meetings of city council, county commissioners court, or other local governing bodies
  • submit brief write-ups of what you witness 


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