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2020 LWVSA Voter Guide General Election 

The LWVSA Voters Guide fulfills the League's longstanding commitment to promoting an active and informed electorate, providing voters with nonpartisan information they need to make informed choices at the ballot box. The Voters Guide for the 2021 Fall General Election is here

The Voters Guide offers readers candidate responses—in their own words—to a set of issue and policy questions that all competitors in a given contest have the opportunity to answer and submit for the public to see.  Reviewing these candidate responses helps voters assess which candidates most align with their own values and ideas of what good governance is. 

Because LWVSA  is a strictly nonpartisan organization, when the League team develops questions to ask the candidates for each contest, careful attention ensures all questions are relevant, neutral, and unbiased.

Each candidate receives a League request for their responses to these questions along with guidelines and a deadline, and all responses are printed exactly as they are received: no editing occurs.

The Voters Guide is typically distributed to the San Antonio Public Library branches, the Bibliotechs, and many additional locations a week or two before Early Voting begins. 


At, an electronic, interactive version of the LWVSA Voters Guide is posted online as soon as it is complete, often a week or two earlier than the print version.  The VOTE411 version generally includes responses to additional questions not included in the printed version due to cost constraints. 

This award-winning website, created and maintained by the League of Women Voters of the United States Education Fund, invites voters to input the address where they are registered to vote, and a sample ballot appears that includes only the contests they will be voting on.  Voters can easily compare candidate responses side by side, and for each contest on the ballot, voters can mark their choice of candidate.  Voters can then download and print their selections to take to the polls and use as a guide. 

Vote411 contains additional essential nuts and bolts information about voting in Texas, in both English and Spanish, as well as a voter registration tool and poll locator.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways volunteers can be involved in the production of the Voters Guide:
  • collaborate on development of questions for candidates
  • gather candidate contact information
  • follow up with candidates who don’t respond to initial contact
  • assist with production of Voters Guide on Vote411 (for tech savvy volunteers)
  • proofread drafts of Voters Guide
  • make follow-up calls to distribution sites to track numbers of guides taken and left behind
  • raise funds for printing costs
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