As a grassroots, all-volunteer organization, the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area encourages its members to assume leadership roles.

The Board of Directors is elected during the annual meeting and is a “working” board, with all officers and directors dedicating time, energy, expertise, and enthusiasm to growing the organization’s multifaceted efforts.

Off-board leaders take ownership of an existing endeavor or create entirely new ones, expanding the organization's capacity to reach voters and communities in innovative ways.

Board of Directors

Madhu Sridhar  President

Diann Andy  Vice President, Program and Advocacy; LWVTX Issue Chair, Public Education

Harriet Wiygul  Vice President, Organization; Newsletter; Website; Membership

Glenda Wolin  Vice President, Voter Services

Pat Jasso  Vice President, Community Outreach; Development Committee

Sue Robertson-Dodd  Secretary

Yvonne M. Pelayo  Treasurer

Jeannie Frazier  Director at Large; Governance

Monica Garza   Director at Large; Public Relations & Social Media Director

Greta Hawkins-Mathis  Director at Large; Youth Initiative Director

Martha Lankford  Director at Large; Community Outreach Committee; Membership Committee

Alene Lindley  Director at Large; Chair, Community Outreach Committee

Andrea MacRae   Director at Large; Organization Committee; Membership Committee

Diane Simpson   Director at Large; Study Committee

Jill Torbert   Director at Large; Chair, Development Committee; San Antonio Public Libraries Outreach

106 Auditorium Circle #120
San Antonio, TX 78205 
(210) 657-2206
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