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State Legislator Interviews 2023: Your Help Needed!

Diann Andy, VP Program & Advocacy | Published on 1/13/2023

Gallery View of Texas House of Representatives Chamber
We are forming teams to interview our Bexar County state legislators (team members are not required to be constituents).  Our purpose is to get to know our state Representatives’ and Senators’ legislative priorities and plans; not to lobby them.  However, the results of our meetings will be used in our advocacy efforts and shared with our state League Issue Chairs.  We have twelve legislators to interview this month.  So, you see, your involvement is REALLY needed!

Please sign up to help interview one or more of our legislators.  We do not expect the interviews to exceed 30 minutes.  Interviews may be conducted via Zoom or in person. 

For those who can join us, we’ll hold a brief organizational meeting via Zoom Saturday, January 21, 10:00am - you can register for that Zoom call here.  If you have any questions, text or call Diann at 210-262-1499

If you're interested in being a part of the interviews but didn't attend the organizational Zoom meeting, just email the following information to Diann Andy at ASAP:
  1. First and last name:
  2. Phone # (Cell is preferred):
  3. Your Texas House District # or Representative (or ? if you’re not sure):
  4. Your Texas Senate District # or Senator (or ? if you’re not sure):
  5. Are you willing to interview other legislators? Y or N
  6. What role/s on the team are you willing to fill? (“Any” is okay!)

Team Roles

  • Leader – Schedules the interview. Handles introductions. Asks the questions provided and any follow-ups. (Questions may be delegated). Submits the Interview Form.
  • Recorder – Makes notes of the legislator’s answers and explanations (and questions, if any). Drafts the Interview Form for the Lead.
  • Tracker – Tracks the time and ensures the conversation stays focused. Assists with drafting the Interview Form.
  • Assistant – Assists the Leader, as needed.  E.g., with asking questions, taking notes, and/or drafting the Interview Form.

Thank you for being willing to help!

Photo credit: "Gallery View of House of Representatives Chamber, Texas State Capitol" by Randy von Liski is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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