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League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area

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Your Support and Your Activism Makes Democracy Work

Madhu Sridhar, President | Published on 2/17/2023

Portrait of Madhu Sridhar

The next few months are going to be hectic for the San Antonio League. The 88th Legislature is in session and will run through May 29.  The city elections are on May 6th with early voting starting on April 24. And the League will be working diligently to fulfill its responsibility of creating an informed citizenry. 

Community members rely on the League to help them navigate legislative priority issues - no small feat Voters look up to the League to get no-spin nonpartisan information on candidates running for the city council and mayoral races. On the ballot this election will also be the Justice Charter to amend the city charter to adopt new policies on policing and justice.  League members as community leaders play a critical role in providing reliable information and not opinions to voters. 

League, a volunteer grassroots organization, relies on its members for voter education, voter outreach and advocacy efforts. By pooling our time, efforts and skills we create an impact in our community and fulfill the promise of a representative democracy. 

Last year, a rather challenging year for democracy, we faced mis- and disinformation, poll worker shortages, anti-voter efforts and much more. Through it all, you rallied, wrote representatives, registered and educated voters, and voted to defend a democracy in which all voters can safely and fairly make their voices heard.

I want you to do the same this year. If you haven’t already signed up to help, please consider doing so.  Reach out and help build a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate. 

I thank you for your support and activism. It has been my honor to do this work alongside you. 

League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area

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