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Legislative Voting Rights Update, May 20

Madhu Sridhar, President | Published on 4/25/2023

Madhu Sridhar
The House and Senate will be busy this week passing bills and sending them to the other chamber. There are many bills in the 88th Texas Legislative session that criminalize various aspects of the election process and enhance voter suppression. HB 636 allows election judges to carry firearms at polling places, which does not necessarily ensure safety but does intimidate voters. HB 5053 calls for criminal prosecution of election law violations in multiple counties. SB 1933, if passed, allows the SOS to directly administer local elections under certain circumstances. SB 1600 requires proof of citizenship to register to vote. The list goes on.

There is still time in the session for these bills crossing over to pass both houses. The state League is being vigilant about voter suppression and election subversion bills. Regular updates are being posted on LWV Texas website. League members across the state are also stepping up the pressure on lawmakers, calling for them to reject any efforts to undermine voter confidence in our elections. I encourage you to use the Take Action Center to send an email to your legislators to oppose such bills.

Also, make sure to vote and urge your neighbors to do so. Send them the Vote411 link. They will be ever thankful to you.

For our Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 20, our guest speaker will be LWV Texas board member and issue chair of Voting Rights and Election Laws Stephanie Swanson. She has been following the good, bad and the ugly of the bills related to voting rights and election laws for the current Texas legislative session. Her remarks will be followed by Q & A. Join us and learn what we can expect from our legislators.

Members, please mark your calendars and register to attend the Annual Meeting – space is limited. If you're not a current member, we invite you to join (or rejoin) the League, then register to attend the Meeting.

  • Date: Saturday, May 20
  • Venue: CPS Energy Headquarters, 500 McCullough Ave
  • Time:
    • 10:00 AM: Business Meeting
    • 11:00 AM: Guest Speaker
    • Noon: Lunch (Cost $12)
  • Guest Speaker: Stephanie Swanson, Board Member of the League of Women Voters of Texas and issue chair of Voting Rights and Election Laws (Remarks followed by Q & A)

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