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Vetoes by Gov. Greg Abbott

Published on 6/20/2023

Vetoes by Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed 76 bills that were passed by both houses of the Texas Legislature, many of which he said he was doing because "at this time, the legislature must concentrate on delivering property tax cuts to Texans." All other bills passed by both houses automatically become law. Here are 10 of the vetoed bills. Click on the number of the bill to see more information. For a complete list of the bills, go to KHOU TV's list.

  • HB 181: Would have established a Sickle Cell Disease Registry, which would have kept "accurate, complete records of cases of sickle cell disease to aid in the cure and treatment of sickle cell disease."
  • HB 279: Would have broadened the scope of current human trafficking laws to include protections for disabled individuals.
  • HB 729: Would have established a statewide Intellectual and Developmental Disability Coordinating Council composed of members of various state agencies, university programs and more. The council would develop and implement recurring five-year strategic plans to provide resources to Texans.
  • HB 2416: Would have created a Gulf Coast Protection Account consisting of gifts, donations and grants both federal and local that would be used for the protection of the Gulf Coast.
  • HB 3159: Would have created an accessible absentee mail system for people eligible to early vote by mail. It's designed to help those with disabilities vote.
  • HB 4759: Would have created harsher penalties for owners in dog attacks.
  • HB 4779: Would have created more penalties for organized retail theft.
  • SB 467: Would have increased the criminal penalties for tampering with fuel pumps.
  • SB 1615: Would have aimed to increase access to and reduce the unnecessary burdens that go along with a cosmetology license.
  • SB 2453: Adds regulations for residential and commercial buildings, including energy and water conservation standards.

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