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Welcome Diya Contractor, Youth Coordinator

Published on 8/21/2023

LWVSA is proud to welcome Diya Contractor as Youth Coordinator for this year's Youth Initiative Contest. Diya is working with the League to establish the Youth Initiative leadership team and shared more about her involvement with LWVSA.

What inspired you to join the League?
I chose to reach out to the league and commence this fantastic partnership with Madhu Sridhar due to an article I was writing for my university’s newspaper, Trinity University’s “Trinitonian.” Madhu and I discussed the league’s missions and I was instantly keen on joining the movement.

What motivates you to work on the Youth Initiative?
The League of Women Voters have, not just in San Antonio, played a major role in helping me develop my understanding of the importance of being an educated voter. I registered to vote with the League in high school, and as such, I credit the League with providing me valuable information through every election I have participated in since. The Youth Initiative is a vital program that will greatly enhance the overall voter turnout in the San Antonio area. My motivation to help facilitate this is the reminder that as young people, our efforts will go toward shaping our own futures — every vote we cast signifies the strength our voice has as a generation.
It is undeniable that our governmental system is always in some state of flux. The nature of politics is constantly changing, and with every passing moment it becomes more and more difficult to navigate. With this, young people who are busy — working, studying, growing up — do not always have the time to do extensive research on each and every candidate and ballot issue that pops up. I’ve always felt that it is unfair that by focusing on our lives we unintentionally promote a future we do not support. My hope is that the Youth Initiative can help show the youth of San Antonio the intricacies of our voting system, so that when the election comes around, we know where to look for trustworthy and reliable information.
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