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A democratic society is one in which each member holds power to make decisions and create change. My vision of a democratic society is one that celebrates diversity. A society where people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions are represented and each of those members feels empowered to use their voice is a truly democratic society. If those in positions of power comprise a small portion of the population and are altogether similar to each other, we will miss out on many new and different ideas.

As a future healthcare provider, I can have many roles within a democratic society. At the most basic level, I exercise my civil duty as an educated and diligent voter. By learning about the government and political process and staying up to date on current events, I can feel confident in my vote and have conversations with others about topics I feel strongly about. When I feel called, I also see the importance of supporting candidates I believe in. As I get older and have more time outside of school, I look forward to getting more involved with political organizations, such as LWVSA, and possibly running for office. I feel strongly about health disparities and access to healthcare, and I know that as my leadership skills and knowledge of political processes develop, I will be able to make change in my community.

As a woman, I am proud to make my voice heard in the male-dominated American democratic society. As a Caucasian, straight, cisgender, middle class, Christian female I also realize that I hold privilege in many aspects of my life and I am committed to making space for people of color, low socioeconomic status, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people of all religions to share their values and opinions. I know that I will certainly not agree with everyone I come across but will cherish disagreements as a part of a society where everyone has a say. A democratic society does not have the potential to be good because it is easy, but because it is founded on diversity.

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