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Support of AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments) as an agency for comprehensive regional planning. Continued monitoring of AACOG and of Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) programs.

Criteria for evaluation of AACOG:

1. The Council of Governments should be organized to include inclusion of all governmental units, agencies, districts and committees whose operations and services to the metropolitan and regional area may be improved through:

a. Coordinated and comprehensive planning.
b. Elimination of overlapping taxation and costs.
c. Elimination of duplication of services.

2. Funding to enable it to formulate programs of sufficient magnitude to make a substantial impact on the problems it is established to remedy, and plans of sufficient scope to accomplish broad coordination of services and elimination of overlapping taxation and costs. (Rev. 2017)

3. Utilization of all available financial and technical assistance from all governmental units – regional, state, federal agencies, and private and foundation sources to further the development of programs. (None is considered primary or permanent sources of funds, and all available funds are to be sought and used. (Rev. 2017)

4. Expectation that AACOG programs will be: (Rev. 2017)

a. Correlated to eliminate unnecessary duplication.
b. Continually evaluated to ensure that all related programs, plans and projects are coordinated.
c. Efficiently and economically administered.
d. Long-range in funding, planning and coordinating, and should include some provisions for alternate plans.
e. Carried out by personnel competent to meet the specific requirements of the job.

5. Entirely non-discriminatory and realistic policies of hiring and realistic and flexible job descriptions and pay scales to attract competent personnel.

6. Support placed on resident participation in all phases of AACOG operations-planning, funding, implementation, management, termination of projects and enforcement procedures. Resident participation to be achieved by both appointment and election.

7. Flexibility of the funding, structure and programs of AACOG to meet the changing conditions of its member units and the region as a whole. (Rev. 2007) (Rev. 2017)

8. Encouragement of the consolidation of AACOG and MPO to facilitate regional planning. (Rev. 2011) (Rev. 2017)

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