Human Resources Position: Justice

The LWVSAA supports Bexar County Adult Detention Center (jail) which provides humane care and treatment for all its inmates in a secure environment.

Specifically we support:

1. Ratio of guards should be adequate for the security of the building and safety of the guards and inmates.
2. Guards should receive adequate compensation comparable to other law enforcement personnel.
3. A career plan needs to be developed to encourage better selection, training and retention of personnel.
4. Educational opportunities for inmates. We feel that inmates should attend some classes and that the classes should prepare the participants to deal with themselves and society. We support education to reduce recidivism.
5. A work program for the inmates.
6. Parole or bond to include personal recognizance bonds, in every case appropriate in order to lessen the crowded conditions in prisons.
7. Adequate health care for the inmates. (Rev. 2011)
8. Restitution to victims.

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