Issue Studies

LWVSA membership votes during its annual meeting to determine which public policy issues to prioritize for education and advocacy efforts in the coming year, at times elevating a particular issue for extensive study. 

The League’s process for study has acquired a solid reputation for its in-depth and unbiased exploration, with members pursuing facts and evidence supporting all sides of an issue.  Members review pro and con materials, converse with experts, consult public officials, develop their own resources, and additionally reach out to the community through public meetings, surveys, and media coverage. 

Results of these extensive studies are presented to the membership for discussion and potential arrival at a consensus position, which can then serve as the basis for League advocacy.

In the spring of 2020, LWVSA began working on a study examining the issue of income inequality.


LWVSA Study of Income Inequality

The study already underway examines the degree, causes, and effects of wealth inequality in Bexar County and the surrounding area, with a scope encompassing the following:

To document the extent of wealth and income inequality in the Bexar County area and its effects on our community and economy 

Using public records, media reports and interviews, we will describe the degree of economic inequality in our area.

To examine the factors that brought about the current degree of inequality

Using similar methods and sources, we will look at the factors that contribute to inequality:

  • the labor market;
  • worker skill levels;
  • educational attainment;
  • educational opportunity;
  • health care accessibility;
  • the effects of the minimum wage on families;
  • contract labor;
  • Texas’ rejection of federal funds for children and women;
  •  many other factors.
To examine the effects of the current degree of inequality on the people and future of Bexar County

Using public records, focus groups and open meetings, media reports and interviews, we will attempt to gather both quantitative and qualitative data on the effects of income inequality, especially generational poverty, on our community and its potential.

To examine possible public policies that might remedy these conditions 

Finally, having identified probable contributing factors, we will look for ways of altering those factors. Our focus will be on public policy initiatives that might be taken at the local, state, or even federal level to alleviate the conditions found.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join us in this timely and important effort!

  • research and gather qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources
  • transfer data into accessible, informative formats
  • collaborate with team members to interpret data,  present findings, and devise policy recommendations


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