League GOTV effort in full swing!

Over 80 percent of the residents of Bexar County who are eligible to vote are registered voters.  When it comes to casting their ballot, however, many who are registered do not vote.

In November 2016, the last presidential election, the Bexar County voter turn-out was 57 percent of registered voters. The turn-out for the 2018 mid-term election fell to 50 percent.

The League hopes to increase voter participation in elections through its Get Out the Vote
efforts. For the November election, the League is mailing a postcard or leaving a door hanger at 30,000 registered voters’ households that are concentrated in areas where voter turnout has been lower than the county-wide percentage in recent elections. The postcards and door hangers, designed by League volunteers, contain important election information that will help people navigate the confusing election process. This is an enormous effort fueled by over 100 volunteers and more are needed. If you, a family member, colleague or friend, can help block walk, please go to the League’s signup pages and select a day and time that is convenient.  A great big THANK YOU goes out to everyone that has already signed up to help.

Another volunteer opportunity is available at the end of your fingertips! Go to the League’s
website, lwvsa.org, where you will find a treasure trove of information about voting, and share the information and web site with everyone you know! Additionally, on the League’s home page, you can place your address into the Vote411.org widget and information about the races and candidates that will be on your ballot is available. By sharing this information, you will be providing a wonderful service to those who are close to you and to your community.

Don’t let November 3rd arrive without helping to strengthen democracy by getting someone to the polls with all the information they need to be an informed voter.  The League has made this easy!

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