Phyllis Ingram--Voter

Charter review group taps League member

Phyllis Ingram

Phyllis Ingram, a long-time member of the San Antonio League, has been named to the San Antonio Charter Review Commission, a 13-member panel charged with forming recommendations for four charter amendments to appear on the November ballot.

In her approximately 20 years in the League, Ingram has served as president, community relations vice president,

treasurer and voter service director, and she was just elected to the State League’s board of directors.

On the charter review panel, she is the chair of the development subcommittee and is also on the governance subcommittee.

The development subcommittee is to consider whether to change the number of members of the Planning Commission and how they are appointed.

The governance subcommittee will look at whether council terms should be kept at four two-year terms or changed to two four-year terms, and if so, if they should be staggered.