Tips for Voters - New Election Laws

Voter Registration

Update your voter registration online if you moved or changed your name here. You will need your Texas driver’s license, TexasID card, Social Security number, and Voter Registration Card VUID (Voter Unique Identifier) number.  If you do not have your VUID number, you can find it at am I registered by putting in your name, county and date of birth. 

  • For college student voters living away from home, it is safest and easiest to register and vote at your college residence address.
  • For voters without a residence, in the space on the registration form for residence address, it’s safest to put the street address of an agency where you receive aid. In the space for mailing address, if you have one, put the P.O. Box where you receive your mail.

Early Voting

  • You must be allowed to cast a ballot if you are in line before the poll closing time.
  • Small counties now provide longer hours for early voting.

Vote By Mail (VBM)

  • New! Who else qualifies?
    • Voters expecting to give birth within three weeks before or after election day
  • VBM tracker and  “Cure” process at Bexar County Elections
    • Track your VBM application and VBM ballot throughout the election process.
    • Provide contact information on your VBM application so the county may contact you if you need to fix an error with your application or ballot.
  • Voters
    • Request a Vote By Mail application from Bexar County Elections.
    • Provide Voter ID (Texas driver’ license, Texas ID or Election Identification Certificate number, or, if not available, the last four of SSN) on your VBM application and VBM ballot carrier-envelope.
    • Use the same Voter ID number on your voter registration application, Vote By Mail application, and Vote by Mail carrier envelope. 

Poll watchers

  • Poll watchers are required to take training and sign an oath but have fewer restrictions on movement and observation.

Persons who assist voters 

  • Persons who assist voters with a VBM application, VBM ballot, or in-person ballot must provide their relationship to the voter, address, sign an oath, and mark that they didn’t receive compensation. 
  • Persons who drive 7 or more voters who qualify for curbside voting must sign a form.

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