Issue Forums

Priority issues for education and advocacy in a given year are adopted at each Annual Meeting of the membership. The selected issues serve as the focus for the year's issue forums, which can be held either to educate the public generally about an issue or to advocate for a specific position the League has voted to adopt.

Both types of issue forums:

  • are carefully planned and researched
  • offer panels of experts in their fields
  • are moderated by a skilled facilitator with ample knowledge of the topic
  • provide factual, nonpartisan information for community members. 

Education forums inspire attendees to think more deeply about an issue by understanding differing viewpoints, while advocacy forums can motivate attendees to take action. In the past several years, LWVSA has produced forums on city charter revisions, transportation, human trafficking, eminent domain, gun violence, climate change, and redistricting. 

Current priority issues include climate change, transportation, and public education.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • research public policy issues
  • plan issue forums, briefings, town halls
  • research appropriate speakers, panelists, and moderators
  • attend and staff issue events



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