Program: Study & Action

A core component of the League’s work is the study of issues affecting our community, taking a position on the issue by building consensus among League members, and taking action to implement the position.  "Program" is the name given to this collaborative process, as well as to the collective policy issues that are prioritized for action each each year.  Program allows members to study policy issues they care about and make an impact in our community.


Because the League is a grassroots organization, decisions about which policy issues to prioritize for study emanate from the members, rather than the Board of Directors.  The membership votes on issues to be studied during the League's annual meeting. The League’s study process has acquired a solid reputation for its in-depth and unbiased exploration of an issue submitted to its grassroots membership for informed discussion. During this exploration, members review balanced pro and con materials, develop their own resources, turn to experts, and consult public officials.  In addition, community input is sought through public meetings, surveys, and media coverage.


All League positions on issues are reached through a process of consensus development involving ongoing group discussion of an issue that is being studied in the manner described above. This consensus is not a simple majority, nor is it unanimity, and is probably best understood as a shared overall 'sense of the group' as expressed through the exchange of ideas and opinions.  Substantial understanding and agreement among members may lead to the official adoption of a position.


Once a position has been adopted, the League can take action on that position, using its grassroots strength to influence public policy through education and advocacy, two of the fundamental missions of the organization.  Action includes providing information, making recommendations for reform, arranging forums for discussion and education, and writing letters to the editors.  It can also include public service announcements, providing guest commentary to local media, and testifying to commissions and local governing bodies. Action can also include lobbying to influence legislation. 

Education and advocacy efforts allow the League to foster an informed, engaged citizenry, influence public opinion and legislative outcomes, and ultimately strengthen the communities it serves.


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